About me - Alexandra Keuning

Capturing me

Welcome, and thank you for showing an interest in my work. My name is Alex Keuning. I am originally from the Netherlands, but currently living in Switzerland. I have been a keen photographer for a couple of years now. Starting out with an analog DSLR in the late 90's and then moving on to a digital DSLR in 2006. I currently work with a Nikon D750 and several lenses.

I studied photography at different institutes: Fotogram in Amsterdam (2000-2002), Das Foto Institut Zürich (2011) and from 2012 to 2016 I joined the Viewfinder Center in Winterthur/Zürich. Attending various courses with them, finishing in 2016 by completing their Advanced Photography Study programme. A gallery of my outdoor work is visible on their website Viewfindercenter.com

I have a passion for capturing the beauty of nature in all the different ways it is presented to us: from dramatic wide Landscape photography to the hidden details in Macro shots, to endearing Animal Portraits.

At the moment I am specialising in Pet Photography. Loving nature and animals, I am also fascinated by the connection we humans have with our pets. We see them as family/friends, they are always true and loyal. They bring us joy and give us love. Many of us wouldn't dream of living without them. As Pet Photography is an art in itself I have studied further in 2017/2018,  following workshops with Norah Levine, Rachael McKenna, Vicky Taufer, Arica Dorff, Sanne van den Bergand Anne Geier.

I am grateful to all of them for sharing their expertise and teaching others to become better Pet Photographers. If you are interested in a beautiful portrait of your Pet have a look at my other website  The Pet Studio.  


Spot Magazine

In November 2016 I entered the Spot Magazine Photo Competition. I was awarded 3rd Prize for my Landscape of the River Rüess in Gösschenen near Andermatt. I was honoured that my photo was chosen out of many participants. 

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